Looking for an alternative to LASIK?

The Visian ICL Is Your Clear Choice for Vision Correction

What is the Visian ICL?
Making a decision for vision correction can be a long process. To make the best decision, you need a lot of information. That’s why we’ve made our brochure available for you to download.

Here is some of the great content inside the brochure:

What is the Visian ICL and How It Works
What are the advantages of the Visian ICL
What are the risks of the Visian ICL and LASIK?
What to expect during the procedure


High Definition Vision

Crystal clear vision in as little as 15 minutes!

WOW! in 15 Minutes 

Virtually immediate vision correction unmatched by contacts or glasses in as little as 15 minutes.

Permanent Yet Removable

Designed as a permanent solution for correcting nearsighted vision, the lens can be removed or replaced if ever necessary.

Natural Eye Untouched

Unlike LASIK, the Visian ICL procedure does not involve the removal of eye tissue.

UV Protection

The Visian ICL advanced lens material contains a UV blocker preventing harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering the eye.

No Dry Eye!

Invisible to you and everyone else, Visian ICL does not cause or contribute to dry eyes, a common side effect with LASIK.


Visian ICL
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