Victus Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery

The Victus femtosecond laser is used for both Laser Cataract surgery as well as Laser Lens Exchange.   HIghly precise lasers with accuracy to less than 1/1000th of a millimeter are used to make perfect incisions inside the lens of the eye and the outer coat of the lens (precise circle). 

Additionally incisions to enter the eye and also to correct astigmatism are performed by the laser making this a “Blade-free” method of performing cataract surgery

The Femtosecond laser (introduced to the UK by us in 2004) initially developed for creating flaps in Lasik laser eye surgery completely revolutionised laser eye surgery in terms of precision and most important of all - safety.  The same type of laser has now been adapted to perform cataract surgery.introducing a whole new level of precision to the surgery: 

In summary all the following previously performed by a steady hand are now performed by the laser and reproducible from eye to eye:

  1. Microscopic laser made Incisions in the eye (rather than knives)
  2. A perfect circular opening in the cataract capsule
  3. Fragmentation / destruction of the cataract
  4. Incisions to correct astigmatism

To further enhance accuracy, online cross sectional microscopic imaging is used and guides the surgeon during the 40 second procedure !  Lasers replace the Human hand.

Centre for Sight had the world’s 3rd Victus laser installed in April 2012 and the centre is a reference site for the manufacturer (Technolas Perfect Vision / Bausch and Lomb). Visitors from the United States, Canada and Europe visit the Centre for Sight regularly to see Victus in action and observe the centre’s unique manner of delivering the procedure. To book a consultation clik here to contact one of our patient coordinators.