Multifocal lenses

A solution for those looking to get rid of their reading glasses, Refractive Lens Exchange Multi-focal implant surgeryhas become as popular as laser vision correction - giving a whole new generation the opportunity to get rid of their glasses and contact lenses and providing the added value of near and intermediate vision!

Success of this technique requires attention to detail and surgeon expertise to ensure surgery is perfect each time. Laser Lens Exchange ia revolutionary technique pioneered at Centre for Sight and makes use of the Victus femtosecond laser.

The laser does much of the work previously performed by human hand and the final portion of lens removal is performed using the Stellaris MICS Advanced Vision Enhancement System with the benefit of surgery being performed through much smaller incisions (1.8mm) than regular cataract and lens surgery performed elsewhere.

Like LASIK and IntraLASIK this procedure corrects shortsight, longsight and astigmatism with the additional advantage of addressing age related reading issues. The majority of Centre for Sight recipients of this type of procedure hardly ever need glasses.